The new Hello Kitty Coffee game has some strange permission requests

When a game is released onto Google Play a lot of people check the permissions of the game to make sure it is legit and doesn’t pose any sort of security risk. A new official Hello Kitty game by Gamezen has just been released and whether or not this game is the best thing since sliced bread, reading the permissions list is like reading a manual into how not to release a game with a plethora of unneeded permissions.

Based on the permissions this game asks for, we would highly recommend not downloading this game, as much as you love Hello Kitty games, until the developers see fit to explain why they need permission to do things like audio recording, receive SMS messages and kill background processes. While some games have questionable permissions requests that are, in truth, justified. Requesting something like audio recording permissions seems highly strange.

Consider this a public service announcement type of post. If you plan on downloading the game, you should email the developers first asking about the permissions. Besides, if it is anything like their last Hello Kitty game, you won’t be able to get far without dropping a ton of cash for in-game purchases. A word of advice for developers, if you are going to have permissions like this, be sure to explain them in the description on Google Play.

Google Play Link: Hello Kitty Coffee

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