Skylanders Battlecast is set to arrive onto mobile devices next year

Skylanders, the game where physical action figures are used in conjunction with video games, has announced today that there is a new upcoming mobile addition to its franchise called Skylanders Battlecast. Like the rest of the franchise, this game is a hybrid of both physical as well as virtual components.

Players will acquire packs of cards, either physically in retail or digitally online, and then those cards are scanned with a mobile device and “brought to life” to do battle against other players in a PvP format, or used in the single player campaign. The game is intended to be free to play, though I took that to mean the app, and no so much for the booster packs of cards.

Lastly, while the acting in this video is a little bit on the cheesy side, it does do an apt job at illustrating how the idea is supposed to work.

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