Day: 18 August 2015


Looks like development for Super Meat Boy Forever has started back up

Awhile ago we reported on a mobile version of the rather challenging platformer Super Meat Boy was in the works. However, shortly after that news came out, things ended up going silent on that front. As it turns out, indie dev Edmund McMillen took a break from development after working on his PC game Fingered. Now he’s back in action and focused on finishing Super Meat Boy Forever, the mobile spin-off of Super Meat Boy.


Humble PC & Mobile Bundle 13 is now live with Crimsonland, Crowntakers, Beat Buddy and more

Humble PC & Android Bundle is back in action after a small break with the thirteenth bundle that just started moments ago. This bundle features seven games to start off with, four of which you can get for whatever price you want. The three additional games that make up the bundle right now are available if you pay over the average amount at the time of your purchase.


NetEase will host a free concert at PAX Prime featuring Steve Aoki to celebrate Speedy Ninja’s launch

PAX Prime 2015 is coming up rather quickly and it seem developers are eager to try out new things this year to bring attention to their games. We already have Telltale Games hosting a special ‘Crowd Play’ event at the show where up to 500 people can sit down with the developers and play through the new upcoming Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo for Tales from the Borderlands.