Day: August 30, 2013

Game News

Android Game Sale Round-Up: Amazon AppStore surprise, Indie Game Sale, Kingdom Rush and more

It’s that time again to round-up all the Android games that are on sale right now. This week is an interesting one since Amazon’s AppStore in Europe is celebrating their first year being open ad are offering up ten free games and apps instead of the usual one. Even though this is to celebrate the European store, other countries like Canada, US and so on can also access this and take advantage of the freebies.

Game Features

Interview with Alex Verrey of Mad Catz: Final Mojo console design, Rooting, Peripherals and more

So during the GameStop Expo we just left the other day we had a chance to do our interview with Mad Catz in person instead of doing it through Skype or email, hence the delay in the interview getting done in the first place. We sat down with Alex Verrey, the Global PR Director for Mad Catz and Nathan Aguilera, Associate Product Manager for Mad Catz to talk about their upcoming Android-based gaming console called Mojo.

Game News

Breach & Clear looks to finally be released onto Android on September 5th

This upcoming Thursday is starting to look real good in terms of game releases on Android. The newest one to make the list is the tactical squad-based strategy game Breach & Clear which we ave been following since we found out about it. Originally this game was going to be free-to-play but the developers did not want the game mechanics and fun to be ruin so they switched to making the game a full paid title instead.

Game News

Project Phoenix RTS/RPG title successfully funded on Kickstarter

Project Phoenix is an interesting mix of genres, sporting squad-based RTS gameplay meshed with RPG elements and storylines heavily influenced by the entire JRPG genre. To accomplish this feat, almost everyone on the entire development team from both the East and the West have worked on major Triple-A titles ranging from Diablo 3 to various Final Fantasy games, Halo to L.A. Noire and everything in between.