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Activision reveals a new companion app for their Skylander franchise called the Skylander Creator

Skylanders fans have a couple of new goodies to look forward to with more expansion to the franchise heading our way soon. While the next Skylanders game that was announced (called Skylanders Imaginators) is for consoles, mobile gamers and fans are not being left behind either. Activision has revealed that Skylanders Imaginators will be getting a companion app called Skylanders Creator.

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YouTube Gaming will finally be launching tomorrow along with its new mobile application

YouTube almost bought Twitch not too long ago before Amazon got a hold of it instead. However, before Amazon got a hold of it, YouTube integrated a little feature into their platform that announces when a Twitch stream goes live who also has a YouTube channel. The YouTube decided that they too could provide a platform for video game live streams and that is when YouTube Gaming was announced. Now, after a Summer of waiting, YouTube Gaming will be officially launching tomorrow.

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Just Dance Now Second Screen App Shown Off at E3

Ubisoft announced Just Dance Now, an app that will work in tandem with the upcoming game Just Dance 2015, the newest entry in the popular dance game series. The app lets players join in the game by using their phone as a controller. It only works for select songs though. Built in accelerometers in most devices allow this to be possible. There is no set limit to how many dancers can join in when using the app, as shown in the trailer for the game.

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2K Games releases a new companion app for NBA2K14

Since we are having a rather decent amount of companion applications launching as of late, why not report on one more that has hit Google Play? 2K Games has launched their new companion application for their new NBA2K14 game which is appropriately called MyNBA2K14. If you used their previous companion app for NBA2K13 then you’ll already know what to expect with this one. You may also notice that it doesn’t exist anymore either.

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Wii Records

Not so much a game but a utility for gaming, Wii Records by Thiago Rosa is an app (posted in the gaming section) that allows you to submit your records to wii-records.com automatically. It records your records achieved and submits it to the site which has roughly 420 games so far with available records to be broken.