Day: 13 November 2013


2K Games releases a new companion app for NBA2K14

Since we are having a rather decent amount of companion applications launching as of late, why not report on one more that has hit Google Play? 2K Games has launched their new companion application for their new NBA2K14 game which is appropriately called MyNBA2K14. If you used their previous companion app for NBA2K13 then you’ll already know what to expect with this one. You may also notice that it doesn’t exist anymore either.


Groupees Android games bundle now on sale, contains 8 game so far

While the Humble Bundle tends to be considered the best bundle sale that happens for any platform, there are a few other similar companies and sales out there as well. One of these is Groupees and is usually considered as one of the better bundle saled\s most of the time for PC games. The company is trying their hand at expanding though and have launched their first PC/Android game bundle sale today.