DC Comics Duo Team Up for All New Endless Runner

At a time when even Epic Games can’t resist contributing to the proliferation of Flappy Bird clones, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Gree Inc. have opted to release an entry into the tried and true endless running category. Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is the latest iteration of the formula popularized by Imangi Studios and their breakout hit, Temple Run.


GREE and Marvel partner up for upcoming X-Men: Battle of the Atom game

GREE and Marvel have partnered together and are going to be releasing a comic book tie-in game called X-Men: Battle of the Atom. Marvel has a cross-over comic book event that will be happening soon and this game will be tied into it when the event starts. The overall storyline behind everything, without spoiling it, has to do with the history of the X-Men and players will be experiencing 50 years of mutant X-Men history and beyond.


GREE unveils their upcoming online strategy game War of Nations

Not too long ago GREE purchased a game development company by the name of Funzio who happen to be the developer of such games as Crime City and Modern War. Crime City was actually one of the top profitable games on Google Play for a few months which is partially why GREE bought the development studio. Now, after a long period of no game releases, it looks like their four title is getting close to release.


Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops hits Google Play. Japan only for now.

Back in November of this year we mentioned that GREE was partnering up with various companies to bring a rather interesting selection of titles to Android. While these releases would be Japan-only at first, chances are they will be coming to the rest of the world soon as seen with previous games released onto Android. One of these titles is now here, or in Japan rather, and it is Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops.


GREE to bring Metal Gear Solid, World Ends With You, Lineage and Final Fantasy to Android… in Japan first.

It’s Wednesday and keep with the tradition that this week has somehow developed in regards to news pertaining to GREE, the company has announced a rather impressive list of games that will be heading to their platform in the near future. It is no secret that GREE has had their sights on expanding into the European and North American mobile gaming market on Android, having a rather aggressive expansion plan in place since they officially announced that their social gaming platform would be expanding worldwide instead of strictly in Japan earlier this year.