GREE begins a large-scale PvP event in Modern War, offers up Brazil as a prize

Modern War is a game from GREE which is essentially a graphical MMORTS game for your Android device that is themed around military and war. Players can pick one of six nations to play under, build up their forces and attack the players of the other countries in hopes of bringing your country ahead of the rest and eventually conquer the world.

Like most RTS games that feature massive amounts of people playing it at once, you will ave plenty of buildings to construct, tech to research and troops to train. You’ll also get attacked relentlessly as well as launch your own attacks.

GREE has decided to launch a 3-day PvP event called World Domination which, according to GREE, has about 70% of the player base participating in it. That makes for one big PvP event. Players in Factions (a.k.a Guilds/Clans) will battling it out with other players in other factions and as you have successful attacks against rival factions, you will earn World Domination points. These points will be pooled for each faction and the faction that has the most points will gain control of Brazil during the event.

At the end of the event, the Top 3 factions in terms of World Domination points will permanently gain control of Brazil. For those of you interested in participating in this event, it starts today and ends Sunday January 20th, 2013. Additional details can be found in the press release below.

Google Play Link: Modern War

Modern War Update Introduces a New Way to Play with World Domination

SAN FRANCISCO- January 18- Modern War players are preparing for combat and setting their sights on World Domination – an exciting new feature launching today for GREE’s popular free-to-play mobile game, Modern War. In World Domination, players can unleash their quest for global takeover by gaining control of the world one country at a time. The first country up for grabs: Brazil.

The first highly anticipated three-day World Domination event kicks off on January 18. During the event, teams of players – called factions – are invited to face off against each other for the chance to take over Brazil. Factions will be rewarded World Domination points by declaring war against other factions and successfully attacking rival players and fortifications in those wars. The Factions that collect the most World Domination points will gain control of Brazil. A new World Domination event will be introduced on an ongoing basis. Players can also complete various military actions to ready the troops by donating concrete and cash to the faction, nominating Defense Leaders and completing Pre-War missions for rewards that can be used at war. The top 3 factions with the highest number of points at the end of the entire World Domination event are declared winners and awarded control of the country at stake.

The World Domination feature adds an exciting and fresh dimension to the Modern War gameplay experience with:

• An entirely new way to play. World Domination is a PVP event specifically between the factions, giving Modern War fans an entirely new mission and objective to complete. With close to 70% of all players having joined or set up their own faction and over 170,000 factions formed to date – the heat is on to be the biggest and most elite military squad in the world.
• Choose your allies – and choose them wisely. Gamers will be able to create and join factions, and collaborate strategically to win the war and get that much closer to dominating the world.
• New challenges, fresh content, and a different country to fight for. Each World Domination event will feature a new set of Pre-War missions and quests in preparation for the main event – a different country to take over, and the opportunity to battle against new factions, on an ongoing basis.
• More ways to brag. In World Domination, players will be able to vie for the top of the leaderboards on their own as well as in their factions.

In addition to this new game-changing feature, players will also be able to become powerful war Commanders by building strong military bases, bombing enemy territory, completing covert missions and battling against other players.

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