GREE unveils their upcoming online strategy game War of Nations

Not too long ago GREE purchased a game development company by the name of Funzio who happen to be the developer of such games as Crime City and Modern War. Crime City was actually one of the top profitable games on Google Play for a few months which is partially why GREE bought the development studio. Now, after a long period of no game releases, it looks like their four title is getting close to release.

Currently in an internal beta testing stage, War of Nations is an online strategy game, one that you see quite often on the internet that are playable through your browser. It is a city building MMORTS game where you will have to build up your territory, gather resources, research technology and, of course, wage war on other players. There is even an alliance system (a.k.a guild system) so you and other people can team up together.

If you are someone who starts the game even though it has been out for awhile (this is after it is actually released), you will start at the edge of the map so you won’t be surrounded by veteran players who will literally beat you mercilessly all the time. Speaking of maps, each one will be able to hold around 30,000 players, so there will be plenty competition. The stronger you become, as you level up and get more technologically more advanced, you will move further into the center to the map where players closer to your level are located.

There are a few RPG elements involved in this game as well. You have commanders who are in charge of your military squads. As they level up, and as you use your troops in unique ways, you’ll get multipliers to your attack and defense. You can also combine commanders (like in a TCG) to make even stronger ones.

For those of you interested in checking this game out, you will have to wait until sometime in late Summer or Fall. The iOS version is slated for release in the Summer while the Android version will arrive shortly after.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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