GREE releases a new TCG called Magnus Ignis, where dreams and nightmares come true

After the news of OpenFeint being shut down soon from yesterday, GREE has followed it up with a new game release called Magnus Ignis. GREE has also done what a few other developers have decided to do in the past and start a new developer account on Google Play with a slight variation of their name. Square Enix did it, EA has done it, and now GREE has done it as well. So even though this game shows up as the only game GREE has released onto Android, that is not true. It is just the first game under that account.


GREE to officially shut down OpenFeint as of December 14th

Interesting news in the world of extra services developers can integrate into their games such as achievements and other unlockable content. GREE, who purchase OpenFeint last year, has decided to shut down OpenFeint as of December 14th, 2012 in favor for their own service. This means iOS and Android games who have OpenFeint integrated into it need to decide whether or not to move over to GREE’s own service or leave to another one instead.


Atlus’ Persona 4 will be arriving on mobile devices soon as a TCG

You may or may not have noticed a new trend happening over the past six or so months and that is the rise of card battling social games for mobile devices. Over the course of the last six months, roughly anyways, the popularity of social TCG titles has steadily increased which also show no signs of slowing down with all the latest TCG titles announced as of late. Well Atlus is getting into the mobile scene with Persona 4 but as a social card battling game as well.


Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting and Ninja Gaiden arriving on Android… in Japan for now

If you happen to live in Japan and are into mobile gaming then you have some great news regarding some upcoming games. Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series is getting a new addition called Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting which will be arriving on iOS and Android this year. In addition to that, Tecmo Koei will be dropping Ninja Gaiden for One Million People (roughly translated from Japanese) onto both platforms as well, both of with will be integrated onto GREE’s social gaming platform Mobage.