Day: 20 November 2012


My Little Pony Review: Friendship is PUSH NOTIFICATION

I’m supposed to explain to you what I thought about My Little Pony, a new adorable city-builder by Gameloft. I could make it really easy and say that it is a pretty charming, well-made city-builder and mini-game collection that is really nothing new. Sure, it has a nice pink coating of Pony magic all over it, but the mechanics have been seen a million times. This is par for the Gameloft course; they specialize in re-creation.


Gameloft announces that Heroes of Order & Chaos is coming tomorrow

One game we have been eager to see get release by Gameloft is their spin-off of their MMORPG called Order & Chaos. However, this spin-off from that MMORPG is actually a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game called Heroes of Order & Chaos, a game we have talked about a few times in the past couple of months. This will be the first MOBA game to hit mobile devices and it does look promising.


Amazon releases plug-ins for their Mobile App SDK and Unity3D for in-app purchasing

Amazon has release new plug-ins for the Unity3D engine which will allow developers to easily integrate Amazon’s in-app purchasing and Amazon’s GameCircle APIs into games being developed using the Unity engine. While this was possible already, it certainly was a lot harder and took a lot more time to integrate these features into Unity built games that were slated for release onto Amazon’s AppStore.


DotEmu announces the release date for Raiden Legacy on Android

Back in August of this year we reported on what the next release from DotEmu would be, which turned out to be a four-in-one deal with a package called Raiden Legacy. As you may be guessing, this release will contain four Raiden games stuffed into one package for all of you arcade shooter fans to drool over. Since then all has been quite as to when Raiden Legacy would be arriving, until now that is.


Sony trying to lure indie devs to Playstation Mobile with $99 official SDK offering

Up until now the SDK for developers to use when developing their games for the new Playstation Mobile platform has been in beta and basically free. Now Sony has given the SDK the green light and instead of charging an arm and a leg for the SDK, developers are only required to pay an annual fee of $99. This allows developers to publish as many games as they like to the Playstation Mobile platform, both for Android devices and the PS Vita.


GREE releases a new TCG called Magnus Ignis, where dreams and nightmares come true

After the news of OpenFeint being shut down soon from yesterday, GREE has followed it up with a new game release called Magnus Ignis. GREE has also done what a few other developers have decided to do in the past and start a new developer account on Google Play with a slight variation of their name. Square Enix did it, EA has done it, and now GREE has done it as well. So even though this game shows up as the only game GREE has released onto Android, that is not true. It is just the first game under that account.