Day: 4 June 2014


Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 could be arriving as soon as tomorrow. Lots of content has been added.

We haven’t reported on the progress regarding the big 0.9.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition in quite some time but now it looks like it might be worth posting an update. Why is that you might ask? Because it appears that the 0.9.0 update will be arriving as soon as tomorrow or as late as next week. It all stems on about seven bugs that need squashing.


[Updated] Gameloft releases a new trailer for their upcoming Rival Knights game

Gameloft has been teasing three games over the course of the last few weeks. One is Modern Combat 5: Blackout which we have been following closely and reporting on all the new details and screenshots that get released. Another one is a game that hasn’t had its name revealed yet, although we have our guessed as to what it is and we will be posting those later today. The last is Gameloft’s jousting title called Rival Knights.


DC Comics Duo Team Up for All New Endless Runner

At a time when even Epic Games can’t resist contributing to the proliferation of Flappy Bird clones, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Gree Inc. have opted to release an entry into the tried and true endless running category. Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is the latest iteration of the formula popularized by Imangi Studios and their breakout hit, Temple Run.


[Updated] Square Enix’s Hitman GO for Android will be arriving soon but you can check out the gameplay now

Square Enix’s new Hitman game called Hitman GO has just landed on iTune for iOS owners today. Even though there is an Android version of Hitman GO as well, our version isn’t available just yet but it will be very soon. Even though waiting sucks, thankfully there is a new 12 minute video showing off the gameplay for Hitman GO that we get to check out to see if it is something we would want to buy.


Gameloft is teasing a third upcoming game but what exactly is it?

Gameloft is on a roll with new releases lately. We all know that the crowd is very excited about the upcoming Modern Combat 5: Blackout but there is more to come. Rival Knights was also recently revealed as a new jousting game, presented with some well put together trailers, but now we have a third game creeping its way into the “coming soon” lists, however nothing is really known about it.