[Updated] Gameloft releases a new trailer for their upcoming Rival Knights game

Gameloft has been teasing three games over the course of the last few weeks. One is Modern Combat 5: Blackout which we have been following closely and reporting on all the new details and screenshots that get released. Another one is a game that hasn’t had its name revealed yet, although we have our guessed as to what it is and we will be posting those later today. The last is Gameloft’s jousting title called Rival Knights.

Update: June 4th, 2014 11:30am PST: Gameloft has just released Rival Knights onto Google Play for free. You can grab a copy through the link below.

While there isn’t a ton of details released about Rival Knights, the gameplay is pretty straightforward in some ways since it is a jousting game after all. Two players ride at each other on horses as fast as they can with long spears, trying to hit their opponents to earn points and win the match. You can check out the new trailer for Rival Knights in the video below and you can tell Gameloft had some fun making this game trailer.

As for when this game will be released and for how much, it’ll be arriving sometime this week and it will be free. If you liked this trailer you should check out the other Rival Knights videos as they are all pretty humorous.

Website Referenced: Gameloft YouTube

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