Author: Kristian Ivanov


iKOiD bundle #19: Medieval Talisman Now Available

The new iKOiD bundle is here everyone, bringing you a nice 4-pack of sweet games at low Price!

For the four of you that are unfamiliar with iKOiD, here’s the deal – imagine Humble Bundle in its early days, but all about Android…that’s it. DRM-free games, no ads, low price. Their bundles are released every two weeks and contain usually around 4-5 games with a similar theme or from the same genre.


Rival Knights Review: A Fun Jousting Game but Not Without Its Faults

It’s rare to see a new spin on an overused game formula. What I’m personally used to seeing is a game suddenly rising in popularity, and then everyone releasing what is pretty much a re-skinned version of it. Gameloft’s Rival Knights is the exception I’ve been looking for. It’s a jousting game that plays very similarly to drag-racing games such as CSR Racing, but adding more than enough changes to make the game feel new and fresh.


It’s bundle time! Today we’ll be looking at the new iKOiD deal.

In case you’re not familiar with it, iKOiD is a game bundle site, much like Humble Bundle, except this one is dedicated specifically to Android games. The bundle offers a bunch of games (usually 5) at a fixed price and no tier-packs. Generally this will result in an overall 70%-80% discount DRM-free games for you to download and enjoy, with 14 days period for you to make a purchase if you’re interested.


Gameloft is teasing a third upcoming game but what exactly is it?

Gameloft is on a roll with new releases lately. We all know that the crowd is very excited about the upcoming Modern Combat 5: Blackout but there is more to come. Rival Knights was also recently revealed as a new jousting game, presented with some well put together trailers, but now we have a third game creeping its way into the “coming soon” lists, however nothing is really known about it.