Day: July 23, 2013


GREE and Marvel partner up for upcoming X-Men: Battle of the Atom game

GREE and Marvel have partnered together and are going to be releasing a comic book tie-in game called X-Men: Battle of the Atom. Marvel has a cross-over comic book event that will be happening soon and this game will be tied into it when the event starts. The overall storyline behind everything, without spoiling it, has to do with the history of the X-Men and players will be experiencing 50 years of mutant X-Men history and beyond.


Writers’ Group Film Corp releases more details on when they will be releasing Amiga games

Back near the beginning of this month Writers’ Film Group Corp went ahead and bought Amiga Games Inc, a company that republishes classic Amiga games onto new platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Writers’ Film Group Corp is a company that specializes in a few things but one of their main focuses is digital content distribution so picking up Amiga Games Inc is something that makes sense since they were wanting to expanding in to the mobile gaming markets.


Bullet Hell game fans rejoice, Cave’s DeathSmiles has arrived for Android

Cave is a company that makes some of the great and most challenging Bullet Hell style shooters that you would want to play. They already have a couple of them published onto Google Play through G-Gee and now there is one more you can sink your teeth into while you wait for Sine Mora to arrive onto Android called DeathSmiles. It somehow managed to sneak by us having arrived on July 17th, 2013.


Spacetime Games officially launches Battle Dragons on a worldwide scale

As many of our regular readers know, we’ve been giving out early access to Spacetime Games’ (formerly Spacetime Studios) newest title called Battle Dragons. This game hit the Google Play store as a limited soft launch with residents of only a few countries being the only people able to download the game from Google Play. Well now this soft launch testing phase is over an Battle Dragons has been officially launched worldwide for everyone.