The Combo Crew is getting a new challenger and its a Capcom character

The old school style arcade brawler from The Game Bakers is getting a new challenger soon and according to the developers it may be someone you already know. That is because this new challenger is apparently already appearing in a Capcom game as well. In other words there is a Capcom character that will be making its way to Combo Crew soon.

So what character will it be? Well that is the mystery here as right now it is only being hinted at with an image of the entire of the Combo Crew line-up but with this new addition blacked out. You can check out the teaser image below which The Game Bakers released via their Twitter and Google+ accounts and make some guesses as to who this new challenger could be.

We were given a clue by The Game Bakers who sent us a link to Capcom’s Facebook page. Right now the header image for Capcom’s Facebook page is for their Dead Rising 3 game but there is also a lot of Street Fighter content on their Facebook page as well. However it doesn’t look like someone from the Street Fighter franchise. It probably isn’t even from Dead Rising 3. Capcom did post about this on their Facebook page so this is an official character that they have. So who is it?

Take a guess in the comments below. We are pretty sure we know who it is though but we won’t say anything just yet. As for when this new challenger will arrive, we don’t know just yet. We will try and dig up some more details regarding their arrival to Combo Crew and post an update.

Google Play Link: Combo Crew

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