Day: April 30, 2014

Game News

The co-founder of Call Of Duty and Titanfall opens up a new mobile game studio called Nuclear Division

There are plenty of mobile game development studios that get created every day and of all sizes, from the two-man team hoping to make it big with their indie title to sudden 100 staff member teams forming their own companies. So when there is news of a new studio floating around it is unusual, mostly in a good way, and that is the case with a new company called Nuclear Division. So what is unusual, or newsworthy, about this company? The fact that it is being created by the co-founder of the Call Of Duty franchise and Titanfall.

Game News

The original arcade hero is back in Pac-Man Monsters the new puzzle RPG from Gree and Namco Banai

Alright Pac fans the Pac-Man is back for a new adventure on Android and iOS. This time he is staring in a new puzzle game with Pokemon style collecting and Puzzle Quest type combat with some great stylized art. You lead a party of Pac People and Monsters (including Ghosts) to help restore Pac Land to its rightful order after a new evil force invades.

Game News

Perfect World announces their new 3D MMORPG called Dawn of the Immortals, pre-registration now live

PC MMO game publisher Perfect World recently broke into the mobile gaming industry with the release of Elemental Kingdom onto Android. Now Perfect World has announced their newest game slated for release onto Google Play soon called Dawn of the Immortals and while Elemental Kingdom was a TCG style of MMO game, this new one is a full-fledged 3D MMORPG.

Game News

Important job opening update, Mecha indie Android store developer registration now open and more

Last week we posted an open invitation for anyone interested in getting in on becoming a part of the DroidGamers team as a nighttime / weekend writer to submit their applications via email. Needless to say there was a huge response to this. In fact there were so many applications submitted for the two positions that we had announced as being available that we’ve decided to make five opening available instead of just two.

Game News

Rovio profits drop by almost half but this isn’t the beginning of the end for Angry Bird publisher

On Monday Rovio published its most recent revenue statement for all of the company’s profits. Up until now the company has reported huge profits thanks to their Angry Bird franchise and all the games under that umbrella (including Bad Pigges and other spin-offs) as well as games published under the company’s third party publishing brand Rovio Stars. However this new revenue report shows the company’s profits slashed by almost half.