Day: 21 November 2012


Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life, releases Creatorverse onto Android

Moving from the world of MMOs and other online multiplayer creative projects for PC gamers, Linden Labs has broken away from their main ‘game’ Second Life in order to bring mobile gamers on iOS and Android a new type of creative sandbox type of game called Creatorverse. Released yesterday onto Android, this game lets you basically draw whatever it is you feel like, connecting different shapes and what not with connectors, and then allowing you to have it go ‘live’ which then applies things like real world physics to whatever it is that you just created.


Thecle releases a new 3D platformer called Joe’s World – Episode 1: The Old Tree

A new reflex-based platformer has arrived onto Google Play from Thecle called Joe’s World – Episode 1: The Old Tree. As you can tell by the name, this will be a series of games featuring a little boy who happens to be the hero that will rescue all the land from the evil that has arisen. The world of Joe is a fantastical world now being threatened by an evil force who has basically put a curse on The Forest Master.


The bad ass nuns in Nun Attack will be going free-to-play this Friday

If you have happened to wanted to play as a bad ass nun with some guns then you’ve probably checked out Nun Attack for Android already. Developed by Frima Studios, this game currently goes for $1.00 on Google Play which is a pretty great price for it. However, if you didn’t want to pay the dollar for Nun Attack you will soon be able to get the game anyways as it will be going to free-to-play this Friday, November 23rd, 2012.


Marvel’s Avengers Initiative finally available for face smashing fun with the Hulk

Originally reported on back in September, one of the more highly anticipated Marvel themed games called Avengers Initiative was slated for release back then but was unfortunately delayed for whatever reason. While iOS gamers got to get their hands on it and get down and dirty with the Hulk, we have had to wait for awhile. The good news is that the wait is over and the Avengers Initiative is now available for select Android devices.


Glu Mobile’s Dragon Slayer has arrived for all your dragon slaying needs

A few days ago Glu announced a new game that would be heading to Android soon called Dragon Slayer. This particular game is Glu’s answer to bringing a title similar to Monster Hunter to Android without it actually being Monster Hunter, or as one commenter put it in our previous post, it is basically like Death Dome but with dragons. Still, Dragon Slayer offers up some pretty enjoyable gameplay and visuals.


[Updated] The Thanksgiving / Black Friday Android game sale round-up

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA and then right after that is Black Friday / Cyber Monday and as most of you know, there is always a plethora of sales and deals to be had. The deals go across the board whether it be a fridge you need, a new tablet, a car or, of course, video games. Android is no exception to this and there are already plenty of sales announced for you to take advantage of over the next few days.


GREE to bring Metal Gear Solid, World Ends With You, Lineage and Final Fantasy to Android… in Japan first.

It’s Wednesday and keep with the tradition that this week has somehow developed in regards to news pertaining to GREE, the company has announced a rather impressive list of games that will be heading to their platform in the near future. It is no secret that GREE has had their sights on expanding into the European and North American mobile gaming market on Android, having a rather aggressive expansion plan in place since they officially announced that their social gaming platform would be expanding worldwide instead of strictly in Japan earlier this year.