Thecle releases a new 3D platformer called Joe’s World – Episode 1: The Old Tree

A new reflex-based platformer has arrived onto Google Play from Thecle called Joe’s World – Episode 1: The Old Tree. As you can tell by the name, this will be a series of games featuring a little boy who happens to be the hero that will rescue all the land from the evil that has arisen. The world of Joe is a fantastical world now being threatened by an evil force who has basically put a curse on The Forest Master.

It is up to you to figure out how to save The Forest Master and restore order to the World of Joe and save the forest from dying. Everything is rendered in a sort of cartoon-style 3D type of visuals that almost look like something you would find in a Wii game. You will be traveling through four different regions in search of some magic stone that can lift the curse the Forest Master has been put under.

Joe’s World Episode 1 Features:

– 5 fantastic cartoon worlds
– Non violent action : throw fruits to animals to make your way !
– Amazing rope & climb action, plateforms and fall ledges.
– Xperia Play Keys supported
– Game detail can differ from screenshots depending your device

Instead of killing the creatures that stand in your way, Joe’s World has you throwing fruit at them which will eventually make those animals your friend. No killing in this game. For right now there is just the one episode but there should be more heading our way fairly quickly. For those of you interested in this game, you can pick it up off of the Google Play store for $1.65.

Google Play Link: Joe’s World Episode 1: The Old Tree

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