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Game News

[Updated] Tainted Keep dungeon crawler from Ravn Studios now also available for Shield

Future Shield owners and Tegra 3 / Tegra 4 device owners are going to have a lot of gaming to do over the next little while. A second dungeon crawler has landed on Google Play for Nvidia’s Shield and general Tegra 3 / Tegra 4 devices (and possibly non-Tegra device owners with Android 4.0) called Tainted Keep. This is another straight-up dungeon crawler with a story where you’ll be hacking away at monsters and collecting loot.

Game News

Choplifter HD is a spiritual sequel to the original Choplifter game, now available on Google Play

One of the game that was supposed to launch yesterday alongside the Nvidia Shield launch is Choplifter HD. It eventually got released later in the evening yesterday and for those of you who think the name sounds familiar, it should. Choplifter was originally a game released a long time ago and this one is almost a spiritual successor to that original game.

Hardware News

Ouya back in stock over on Amazon in case you want one

Quick piece of news for those of you who are trying to purchase the Android-powered game console Ouya but haven’t had any luck as of yet due to the fact it has been selling out pretty much everyone. Only hours after going on sale publicly through retail outlets, many were reporting that they were sold out with Amazon being the first. Well there is some good news for you today.