Day: June 27, 2013

Hardware News

Is Google developing their own Android game console? Possibly as a new Nexus Q model?

While we already have a decent amount of Android-powered game consoles heading out way shortly and more in the near future, it appears that Google may very well be getting into the home console game as well with a new model of the Nexus Q. While this will be similar to the original Nexus Q from last year, this particular new model will have more of a ‘gaming focus’ to it.

Game News

Ossian Studios finally releases screenshots for The Shadow Sun, currently in beta form

It’s been almost two years since we talked about Ossian Studios and their highly anticipated 3D RPG The Shadow Sun that will be making its way to iOS and eventually confirmed for Android. Well since our post details had stopped coming out from the studio as they kept quiet, working on this pretty big RPG title. Now we finally get to see a glimpse of what everyone’s patience has bought them with some beta screenshots of The Shadow Sun.

Game News

Microsoft clarifies a few things, only Age of Empires is coming to Android

The other day news came out that Microsoft was gearing up to release some of their more classic games onto Android with the first game slated for release being the original Age of Empires. There was also speculation that other titles would soon be following as well. Today Head of Microsoft Studio Phil Spencer came out to clarify a few things regarding the news from a few days ago.

Hardware News

Ouya back in stock over on Amazon in case you want one

Quick piece of news for those of you who are trying to purchase the Android-powered game console Ouya but haven’t had any luck as of yet due to the fact it has been selling out pretty much everyone. Only hours after going on sale publicly through retail outlets, many were reporting that they were sold out with Amazon being the first. Well there is some good news for you today.