Arma Tactics from Bohemia Interactive invades Tegra-based Android devices

We’ve written about this game coming to Android a couple of times in the past, mostly regarding it arriving for Nvidia’s Android-powered handheld gaming system called Shield. Well Bohemia Interactive has gone ahead and brought Arma Tactics to Android but it is, of course, for Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 devices only right now.

Officially called Arma Tactics THD, we actually had our suspicions that this game was going to be released soon back in April when Nvidia was showing it off on their Shield unit. As you are probably guessing from the name, this is a tactics style game which means it’s all about close combat and turn-based strategy gameplay, all of which is based off of the rather popular PC series of games.

You’ll be taking control of up to four members of your squad and from there everything is up to you. It is almost an open world game in some aspects considering there really is no particular strategy given to you to use or path to take. All of those choices are up to you. This also means you’ll need to decide how to approach your enemies and objectives, what weaponry will best suit each individual scenario and so on.

Should you manage to get through everything, unlock all the weapons and earn all the achievements the game currently has, have no fear as Bohemia Interactive will be bringing more campaigns to the game in future updates. For those of you interested and own a Tegra 3 Android device (or soon a Tegra 4 one), Arma Tactics THD is available on Google Play for $4.99.

Google Play Link: Arma Tactics THD

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