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Nvidia releases a new video showing off the upcoming Arma Tactics game on Project Shield

It is time for another video from Nvidia regarding their upcoming Android-powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. This time the company is showcasing the official Arma Tactics game that is slated for release soon being played on Project Shield. Interestingly enough, it sounds like Arma Tactics is going to be released soon which means this game could very well be for multiple devices, not just Tegra 4 and Project Shield.


[CES2013] Selection of new Tegra 4 games unveiled: Dead Trigger 2, Rochard, Riptide GP 2, Real Boxing and more

As you all already know by now, the Tegra 4 chip and the Nvidia Project Shield handheld console, which we will talk about after this, were announced at a special event yesterday night before CES 2013 began officially. Naturally, with the launch of nVidia’s latest mobile processor launch, they have unveiled a selection of games that will arrive on the platform in the coming months.