Day: 7 January 2013


[CES2013] nVidia officially reveals GRID, their answer to standardize and improve cloud gaming

nVidia had a lot to say this year during their press conference which was one of the longer ones we’ve ever attended. Along with their announcement of Tegra 4, which is now official, and Project Shield, there portable Android gaming system, and showcasing some of the upcoming Tegra 4 games like Dead Trigger 2. Also announced was nVidia’s GRID, their answer to improving cloud gaming.


[CES2013] Madfinger Games drops more details about Dead Trigger 2

We got to see a sneak peek at Madfinger Games’ upcoming sequel Dead Trigger 2 for Tegra 4 devices last night during the nVidia press conference. Well now the developers have released more details about the game which we will surely be getting a hands-on with in the next day or so. If the preview we saw last night was any indications, this isn’t going to be like the Dead Trigger you know right now.


Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Infinity gets official, first dev diary leaks out

It seems like Asphalt 7: Heat only just came out yesterday, but Gameloft isn’t resting on their laurels and are already into the deep development stage for the next game in the series, titled Asphalt 8: Infinity. We actually already knew of the existence of this game when Gameloft’s entire 2013 line-up was leaked, but now there’s in-game footage and a leaked developer’s diary to confirm everything.


[CES2013] nVidia’s Project Shield announced, portable pure Android gaming system

Last night during the nVidia press conference it was all about gaming except for perhaps 1% which focused on photos. One of their announcements which caught a lot of people off guard was that nVidia has been working on their own portable entertainment system (let’s be real though, it’s all about gaming) called Project Shield. This little package of awesome will sport a Tegra 4 chipset and pure Android, as in no crappy secondary UI layered over it.


[CES2013] Selection of new Tegra 4 games unveiled: Dead Trigger 2, Rochard, Riptide GP 2, Real Boxing and more

As you all already know by now, the Tegra 4 chip and the Nvidia Project Shield handheld console, which we will talk about after this, were announced at a special event yesterday night before CES 2013 began officially. Naturally, with the launch of nVidia’s latest mobile processor launch, they have unveiled a selection of games that will arrive on the platform in the coming months.