OUYA Android-powered game console gets unofficial CWM recovery

For those of you who root your Android phone, tablet or any other Android-powered device for that matter, there is some good news today. According to a thread over at XDA, some developers have been working on CWM recovery for Ouya and today have officially announced that Ouya now has an unofficial port.

Ouya was always planned to offer up access to every aspect of the console to hackers, modders and people who love to tinker with everything. With the announcement that Ouya now has unofficial support for CWM recovery, this means we could start seeing ROMs appearing for the console in the near future. While the retail launch of Ouya hasn’t happened yet, anyone who ordered a developer model or backed the Kickstarter campaign for Ouya already have theirs which is why we are seeing things like CWM recovery already arriving.

It should be interesting to see what sort of custom ROMs and kernels developers come up with for Ouya, especially along the lines of tuning the performance of the console. Of course you’ll need to root your Ouya unit first.

Downloads and Instructions: XDA | XDA #2

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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