Day: 26 November 2014


BattleLore: Command from Fantasy Flight Games arrives onto Google Play

BattleLore: Command from Fantasy Flight Games is a new tactical strategy game based off of the board game called BattleLore Second Edition. This turn-based combat game puts players in control of their own army which they will use to defeat enemy armies that invade your homeland, in this case it happens to be the Uthuk Y’llan– demon-blooded barbarians who enjoy spreading chaos and destruction wherever they go.


The third installment into the Brothers In Arms franchise will be arriving in December

Gameloft will be releasing the third installment into the Brothers In Arms franchise next month and it will be a lot more different than what the previous two games were. It was almost a year ago that Brothers In Arms 3 was announced which also came with an early 2014 release time frame. Well that was back in December of 2013 when that happened and now we are heading into December of 2014 and Brothers In Arms 3 will be released during that month.


[Updated] Tainted Keep dungeon crawler from Ravn Studios now also available for Shield

Future Shield owners and Tegra 3 / Tegra 4 device owners are going to have a lot of gaming to do over the next little while. A second dungeon crawler has landed on Google Play for Nvidia’s Shield and general Tegra 3 / Tegra 4 devices (and possibly non-Tegra device owners with Android 4.0) called Tainted Keep. This is another straight-up dungeon crawler with a story where you’ll be hacking away at monsters and collecting loot.