Smash Champs gets its first update which brings Champ Skins to the game

Kiloo Games has pushed out the first update for their brawler type game Smash Champs which brings with it improved gameplay during the training session of your champs and some other goodies players will enjoy. In fact there are two improvements to the training session that you will want to take advantage of.

The first improvement comes in the form of challenging training ball sequences. This is meant to improve your reflexes and timing by training you Champs to unleash better combos. So it is basically a new method of training that you will want to master. This is especially true thanks to the second improvement which is the inclusion of extra valuable blue balls which you will want to clear during your training to increase your score.

Aside from the improvements to training sessions, Smash Champs now has Champ Skins. These are special skins which you can unlock and use on your Champs to make them look different. Champ Skins are unlocked by earning tokens and using these tokens to buy your Champ a new look.

If you play Smash Champs this update is now available for download off of Google Play. If you haven’t played this game and want to, downloading it won’t cost you a penny as it is free.

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