Day: 14 August 2012


Minecraft Structures: Kandiman returns with yet another castle

Back when Minecraft: Pocket Edition first came to Android, we ran a series of articles called Minecraft Structures, geared towards showcasing reader made buildings, and whatever else, built completely in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. We had a lot of pretty impressive stuff sent in at first but after awhile the submissions died down as everyone got more involved in Minecraft: Pocket Edition in other ways including building, surviving, crafting and modding the hell out of it.


Jet Set Games teaming up with Red Eagle Games to bring Wheel of Time titles to mobile

A couple of bigger names in the gaming scene, mostly on the mobile side of things, are teaming up to bring iOS and Android gamers a new series of games based off of Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. Jet Set Games and Red Eagle Games have teamed up and are already announcing the first title in the Wheel of Time series of games called First Banner of the Rising Sun.


Angry Mob Games looking to bring the ultimate alien match-up to Android in Alien vs Predator

Two of the more popular alien movie franchise came together in a movie as well as a video game based off of that movie. Alien vs Predator was supposed to be the epic meeting between the two, more bad ass, alien species out there in Sci-Fi land which ended up being a decent movie. Well it looks like Android will be getting a taste of the action now thanks to Angry Mob Games.