Kickstarter up and running for Epic Skater by former Neversoft and Tony Hawk developers

Another day and another Kickstarter campaign to talk about. This particular one actually started last week but still has 22 days to go. So what is this one about? It is to bring another skateboarding themed game to Android but this time it will be developed by UpUpStart, a team consisting of former Neversoft and Tony Hawk developers.

Started by Kurt Gutierrez and Andy Gentile, between the two of them, they have worked on just about every Tony Hawk game to skate its way onto consoles for the past while and now they have decided to branch out, due to Neversoft moving on to other types of games, and create their own skateboarding game but instead of it being for consoles, this one will be for Android and iOS.

Instead of being a behind-the-back 3D game, these two designers have moved the camera to the side of your character, effectively making Epic Skater a sort of 2.5D game. Regardless of camera angles and other technical stuff, this is a skater game all the way and you can definitely see a lot of both Kurt and Andy’s influences from previous titles they worked on showing up in Epic Skater. It also already has a pretty bad ass soundtrack slated to be included with the game when released.

Some features include:

– XP system to level up your character and upgrade your skater’s stats
– Fully customize your music playlist in-game, or turn it off and jam to your own tunes!
– Drag-and-drop fully customizableĀ button interface for trick mapping.
– Epic Skater uses NVIDIA’s PhysX physics engine that makes every run completely unique.

Right now the game is a work in progress and it does look promising. Right now the goal is set at $50,000 and as of right now they have gotten a little over $5K in funding. Chances are this game will get funded so we should be seeing Epic Skater in the news again soon only at that point, announcing it on Google Play. You can check the pitch video out on Kickstarter or see the game in action in the video above.

Website Referenced: Joystiq | Kickstarter

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