Shadowrun Online Kickstarter campaign successful, coming to Android and OUYA

The second Shadowrun themed game has successfully been funded on Kickstarter and will now be fully developed and released on all platforms including Android tablets and the upcoming OUYA android-based gaming console. We’ve talked about Shadowrun Online a few times in the past as the developers have updated their campaign, including prototype in-game footage.

Accounts in Shadowrun Online will be synced across all platforms, that way you can play at home and then pick up where you left off while on the go. Everything will be rendered in some slick 3D visuals that suit the Shadowrun world nicely and topping that off is the tactical style RPG gameplay that will be involved, similar to what you would find playing Shadowrun tablet top.

On the Kickstarter campaign page, there are a few videos you can check out ranging from character creation to even more prototype footage aside from the video above which explains the gameplay. There will be two types of accounts, a free-to-play account which will be totally free and can access the entire game but will have an in-game shop for booster items and customization. The other account is a premium account which does net you a few extra perks and follows the Guild Wars type of deal where you pay for the game once and then you can play it as much as you like, no monthly fees either way.

As of right now the game is pretty much in a very early stage of development so we probably won’t see this arrive for any platform until sometime in 2013. In the meantime, we can always watch the prototype gameplay videos over and over again.

Website Referenced: Kickstarter

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