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[UPDATE: Game Released] Door Kickers Will Arrive Next Week for Android

Many moons ago, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, was a popular game franchise. It was well-revered on PC, and made its way to consoles as well. There have been very few titles for Android gamers, that fill the void for tactical-team action. KillHouse Games released Door Kickers late last year. It is a top-down real-time strategy game involving a SWAT team. It started off on PC and was quite successful upon release. It made its way to iOS earlier this year, and will finally arrive on Android devices next week.


11-Bit Studios Releases Spacecom for Android

11 Bit Studios has been busy this month. A few weeks ago they released the much lauded This War of Mine. Following rapidly on the heels of that release, is Spacecom, which is now available to download in the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of strategy games that test your tactical abilities, Spacecom may be the game that you have been waiting for.


[Update: Released] Gameloft’s Siegefall shown off at E3, will be landing on Android next week

Gameloft’s new RTS game called Siegefall is currently being shown off at E3 2015 and while the company has been teasing this game for a little bit now, no release date had been unveiled until now. Siegefall is a fantasy-themed online multiplayer RTS game where players will build up their kingdom, research technologies, build up their armies, and beat on other people’s kingdoms. The team that developed Modern Combat 1-4 also made this game.


Dungeon crawling meets Ghostbusters in Dungeon Crawlers HD

Released by Ayopa Games, Dungeon Crawlers is a spoof on the idea of Ghostbusters being retold in the Dungeon Crawler format. The game is a tactical turn-based RPG, with 3D stylized graphics and “deep gameplay, unique player characters (set as alchemist, druid, warrior, and dwarf) and a plethora of monstrous creatures, and an intuitive interface”, according to the developers.


The Last Story will be making an appearance in Terra Battle in an upcoming crossover

Terra Battle will be getting a visit from The Last Story in a new crossover event that will be happening in the near future. The Last Story is a stealth-style RPG by Mistwalker that is currently available on the Nintendo Wii that takes place in a third person perspective. Terra Battle, which we’ve reported on in the past, is a mobile game on Android and iOS that is also an RPG but in a more tactical style which is also from Mistwalker.