Day: 30 July 2015


Nexon Korea soft launches their upcoming Fantasy War Tactics game in a few locations. Global release coming soon.

Back in April of this year we reported on a new mobile title coming from Nexon Korea called Fantasy War Tactics. Being labeled as an SRPG, this means it is a strategy RPG and these types of games usually take the form of a turn-based tactics style of gameplay. This is indeed the case with Fantasy War Tactics and today the game is starting a soft launch in select regions.


Save your kingdom from a mysterious disease in new JRPG Trulon: The Shadow Engine

Trulon is a new JRPG that was just released on Android. Set in a continent named Trulon that is divided between adjacent kingdoms, namely the agrarian Tripudia and the industrial Maelon (among others). In this world, magic and machines both appear to have been handed down to these two derivative kingdoms from a third, common civilization, with each benefiting from one one contribution respectively.


Defend Earth from space invading fruit in Fruit Attacks

Released by En Masse Entertanment, Fruit Attacks is an arcade shooter where Earth is being invaded by fruit which we first reported on two weeks back. While waves of angry fruit, along with their over-sized fruit bosses, descend upon Earth to seek revenge for the consumption of their between by humans, players will use a two finger control system to control the Sound Amplification Transmission Inducer (SATI), which was invented by Dr Trebblebass, in order to fend off the invasion.