Author: Lance Lasheras


Hamstrong Castle Run Review: Cuteness goes a long way.

The runner is a portable gaming genre that’s been recycled so heavily that it’s less of a dead horse and more of a stud genocide. It makes sense given the limitations of a touch screen that removing a directional pad would improve platform gaming. For every Temple Run, there’s countless droves of imitators or corporate tie-ins that bloat the market and give critics the right to say it’s not a legitimate gaming console.


Five Night’s At Freddy’s 3 Review: Scott Cawthon’s latest horror game is simultaneously his most ambitious and frustrating yet

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you probably haven’t heard of the mega hit Five Night’s At Freddy’s. Designed and created entirely by one man, this series explores the horrors of being a security guard in a Chuck’E’Cheese style restaurant while animatronic animals hunt you down. The first two games had similar gameplay mechanics that revolved around monitoring security camera’s while you waited for an impending jump scare. The third one is a different beast entirely.


Why Duke Nukem 3D Is A Good Thing

After ten years in development hell the world was graced with Duke Nukem Forever. It was a misogynistic, racist, and pedantic sub-par shooter that made critics wonder what the wait was for. The criticism of Duke Nukem Forever is a fantastic reflection of how much our culture has matured over the years. Violence against women is no longer a taboo subject relegated only to feminists and those brave enough to speak out against it. We’ve come a long way baby!


The Fall of Sonic Part.2: The Beginning of the End

In our first part we explored how Sega overtook Nintendo in the early 90’s to become the biggest video game company in the world. It was through attitude, marketing, and most importantly defining themselves as better than Nintendo. Despite the Super Nintendo’s better graphics card and superior sound board, the Genesis took an early lead in the console wars. It wasn’t to last however, as Sega’s odd obsession with the Genesis forged the beginning of its downfall.