Day: 16 March 2015


AdWatch Tournament Edition is a game about watching ads and has no actual gameplay… which is actually the game

Enjoy watching ads but hate the fact that you have to play a mobile game in order to enjoy wondrous mobile ads? If that sounds like something you deal with on a regular basis than you should be happy to know that there is now an Android game that gives you all of the joys of watching ads without the need to play a game. Welcome to AdWatch Tournament Edition.


[GDC 2015] Interview with Niantic Labs about their upcoming alternate reality title Endgame: Proving Ground

One of the stories from GDC 2015 we had to sit on was our interview with Niantic Labs about their upcoming title called Endgame. Well today we can finally talk about everything including a bit of the gameplay we saw for Endgame: Proving Grounds. For those of you not familiar with these developers, Niantic Labs are the folks behind the rather unique location-based game Ingress. So what is Endgame: Proving Grounds about? We sat down with Niantic Labs during GDC 2015 to find out all about it.