Day: 3 April 2015


Konami releases a new style of Puzzle-RPG that uses Poker hands

There is a decent selection of Puzzle-RPGs out there in the wonderful world of Android games but a lot of them just spin the same mechanics as most other titles in the genre. There are a few exceptions to that of course and Konami’s newest release happens to be one of those. Their new came is called Swords & Poker Adventures and like the name suggests, Poker hands are where it is at with this game.


Hamstrong Castle Run Review: Cuteness goes a long way.

The runner is a portable gaming genre that’s been recycled so heavily that it’s less of a dead horse and more of a stud genocide. It makes sense given the limitations of a touch screen that removing a directional pad would improve platform gaming. For every Temple Run, there’s countless droves of imitators or corporate tie-ins that bloat the market and give critics the right to say it’s not a legitimate gaming console.


Wadjet Eye Games’ Technobabylon will be released onto Android in the future. Come meet the characters.

Wadjet Eye Games, the makers of The Shivah, Gemini Rue, and the Blackwell Series, are about to release another game, in their classic pixelated style. Called Technobabylon, this game is set in a city that’s located in a dystopian Sci-Fi setting, where an Artificial Intelligence runs the city and the local law enforcement are “all seeing” and “keep tabs on everyone”.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Disney games, Dragon Quest titles, Botanicula and a lot more

Easter weekend is here and a lot of people have today off. This also means one thing… Android games going on sale! So as you can imagine, there are plenty of Android games on sale right now and a lot of them are really good. Handy Games is still going strong with their $0.15 sale, Square Enix has jumped into things by discounting a few Dragons Quest titles, and Disney is celebrating Easter with a bunch of games going on sale as well. That’s not mentioning all the other developers out there discounting their games for this holiday weekend.