Day: 18 March 2015


Sanuk Games brings Bombing Bastards from Steam over to Android TV and the Nvidia Shield

Sanuk Games originally released Bombing Bastard onto Steam and the Wii U not too long ago and it has done pretty decently for itself on those two platforms. However in order to bring bombing madness to the masses, Sanuk Games has finishing developing an Android version of their game and have released it onto Google Play for Android TV and the Nvidia Shield brand of devices.


Wii-like Motion Tennis Cast is now out for Android

Rolocule Games has announced that they have released a new Android game, called Motion Tennis Cast. This game looks like it would play much like the tennis game within Wii Sports would, as it uses motion to control what’s happening. The major difference though is in hardware, where players would only need “screens like HDTV, Smart TV or a web browser using screen cast software – Chromecast, Miracast¬† or AllShareCast.”. The trailer demos how it works, which is basically to open the game, cast it, and you’re off to playing virtual tennis, swinging your phone as if it were a tennis racket, while seeing the game get played in a PC browser or TV.


Everywear Games is a new game development studio focused solely on wearable tech games

Today a new game development studio has announced that not only do they exist but that they will focus on nothing but wearable games. According to the company, called Everywear Games, they are the first studio in the world to focus solely on this type of platform. Everywear Games is made up of veteran executives that have worked for some other big companies in the industry including Remedy, Digital Chocolate and Rovio.