Day: February 20, 2015

Game News

The Fall of Sonic Part.2: The Beginning of the End

In our first part we explored how Sega overtook Nintendo in the early 90’s to become the biggest video game company in the world. It was through attitude, marketing, and most importantly defining themselves as better than Nintendo. Despite the Super Nintendo’s better graphics card and superior sound board, the Genesis took an early lead in the console wars. It wasn’t to last however, as Sega’s odd obsession with the Genesis forged the beginning of its downfall. 

Game News

EA quietly soft launches Need for Speed: No Limits in select regions

EA has quietly done a soft launch of their next Need for Speed game called Need for Speed: No Limits. This game has already come under fire for a particular IAP that will be included in the game and that is the in-app purchase players have the option of using where they can purchase more gas. Whether this actually made it into the game or not is something we will be finding out shortly.

Game Features

An Interview with Goon Studios: Creators of Boogey Boy and Monster vs Sheep

Goon Studios is an independent game studio you will want to remember. They have high ideals and talent that runs deep. I don’t remember exactly how I came across Goon Studios website last year, but I came away impressed. Maybe it was the artwork shown in the screenshots of the game Keipr that they are working on. It could also have been that when I went to the about us section, that I thought it was pretty intriguing that the images of the Goons weren’t just regular old photographs.

Game News

Mojang brings PocketMine developer on board. Possible new server software in the making.

We’ve been following the development of PocketMine since it was created, even using it in our own Minecraft: Pocket Edition server. It has come a long way since its inception, now having a plug-in library, mod tools and all sorts of other goodies. There was regular communication between Mojang developers and Shoghi Cervantes, the developer behind PocketMine, on Twitter quite often. So it should be as no surprise that Mojang has finally brought Shogi on board.