Mojang brings PocketMine developer on board. Possible new server software in the making.

We’ve been following the development of PocketMine since it was created, even using it in our own Minecraft: Pocket Edition server. It has come a long way since its inception, now having a plug-in library, mod tools and all sorts of other goodies. There was regular communication between Mojang developers and Shoghi Cervantes, the developer behind PocketMine, on Twitter quite often. So it should be as no surprise that Mojang has finally brought Shogi on board.

PocketMine is a software package that lets you run your own Minecraft: Pocket Edition server. It comes in two flavors, one package lets you run a MCPE server just like a normal one, on a normal style server. The other comes in the form of an app that turns your Android phone or tablet into a server. Obviously due to the limitations of your Android device, if you want to have a lot of people on your server, you should use an actual server instead of your Android device.

Shogi on one of his server builds at Mojang

So what will Shoghi Cervantes be doing over at Mojang? Well he will be doing the same thing he was doing with PocketMine, or at least that is what it appears to be. Mojang has been developer their own official Minecraft:  Pocket Edition hosting service called Realms which hasn’t really left Alpha development. Does this mean that we will see development of Realms push forward now and with the ability to host more than a measly 10 people per server? Or will it be something else related to official software released by Mojang and Shoghi Cervantes for people to host their own servers with?

Both are very big possibilities but unfortunately there are no solid details as to what exactly he will be doing at Mojang. As for PocketMine, Shoghi still owns it all and he will still be developing it even though he works for Mojang now.

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