EA quietly soft launches Need for Speed: No Limits in select regions

EA has quietly done a soft launch of their next Need for Speed game called Need for Speed: No Limits. This game has already come under fire for a particular IAP that will be included in the game and that is the in-app purchase players have the option of using where they can purchase more gas. Whether this actually made it into the game or not is something we will be finding out shortly.

After checking Google Play, we have yet to see Need for Speed: No Limits showing up for us, leading us to believe that this is indeed a very specific region-based soft launch. So far what we know is that the game is available for residents of Netherlands and Taiwan so far. In terms of customization, Need for Speed: No Limits appears to have the most customization combinations available in any racing game released so far, with apparently over “250 million combinations of parts, including the latest licensed body kits from Rocket Bunny, Mad Mike, and Vaughn Gittin Jr”.

Need for Speed: No Limits also has three game modes to play through – Time Trial, Car Delivery, and Duel modes. These are just different types of racing that you can do in the game, whether it be against other players (no live multiplayer as of right now apparently), beating the best time, or delivering a car to a specific point.

While we know it is available in Taiwan and Netherlands, it may be available in other locations as well. You can always try to see if it is in your location through the link below. If you are in another region and you have access to the game, let us know in the comments below. We will post an update when the game globally launches, whenever that may be. Also do let us know if the dreaded gas IAP is in the game.

Thanks to mr_bridger on Twitter for the tip!

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