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EA will be charging you for gas in the upcoming Need For Speed: No Limits

Recently we posted about the new Need For Speed game heading our way called Need For Speed: No Limits. While the game looks pretty good and everyone is surely resigned to the fact that there will be IAPs in it, since this is EA after all, what may turn a lot of people off from the game before it is even released is the fact that players will have to buy gas.

The whole stamina system isn’t new to free-to-play games and plenty of them out there have decent stamina systems where you can at least get a good amount of gameplay in before you have to wait for your ‘stamina’, or whatever it may be called in a particular game you’re playing, to recharge enough for you to continue playing. The gas that you have to buy will essentially be this type of system but layered on top of the IAPs that will be included for things like boosts and car customization.

Gas System and secondary Gold currency

Each race will use up some of the gas that you have available and you will have the option to wait until your ‘gas’ recharges naturally over time, or you can pay to add more gas to your virtual tank to keep on racing. As we all know by now, EA loves IAPs and Need For Speed: No Limits will apparently be full of them. By the looks of it, you have the currency you earn naturally as well as gold which can also be purchased for money.

So while many people may have been waiting for the release of Need For Speed: No Limits, which is apparently happening this week, EA may have effectively ruined the game before it is even released.

Website Referenced: Slashgear

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