Day: 28 April 2015


Upcoming MMORPG Forsaken World Mobile gets its first gameplay trailer

Earlier this month we reported on the PC-based MMORPG Forsaken World have a mobile version currently under development and slated for release soon onto Android. Well while we all wait for the game’s release, or at least some sort of beta to get into so we can go hands-on with this game, Fedeen Games has released their first gameplay trailer for Forsaken World Mobile for everyone to check out.


EA updates The Sims FreePlay with the new Dream Homes update

EA has pushed out a new update for their Sims FreePlay title on mobile, officially titled the Dream Homes update. As you are probably guessing from the name of this update, this will allow players to build new homes that feature things like balconies, patios, and basements. In fact the update allows for those of you who consider yourselves master builders to jump into build mode and actually construct much more intricate houses.


Ouya, the company, has apparently put itself up for sale

Ouya has gone through some interesting changes since the concept was announced, then having an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign which raised $8.5 million with promises of a new console every year, and then every other year with the latest hardware, and then changing business models completely and making their marketplace available on Android devices other than the Ouya console itself. The newest change is a rather interesting one, Ouya as a company has been put up for sale.