Garden Shop Rush Hour is now available on Google Play

Released by Microids Games for All, Garden Shop – Rush Hour is a new time management game now available on Android. The game is set within a floral shop, with players attempting to meet the needs of the various clients that enter the establishment, and work as quickly as possible to fulfill their order.

The orders are typically some combination of pot, ribbon, and flower, with higher levels of payment coming in if the order is filled faster. Players will be overseeing their salespersons, attempting to optimize them as much as possible, and prevent unhappy clients from leaving without ordering or having orders filled. In turn, what cash is brought in can be reinvested into the shop, to hire more help, develop better products, or even spending it on the cafe machine to serve our some pick-me-ups for the workers.

Garden Shop Rush Hour Features:

• Over 70 levels for playing through the seasons!
• Customers will put you to the challenge
• Unlock a number of upgrades and boosters for your different workshops

Garden Shop Rush Hour is free to download off of Google Play and to try out. There is an IAP to unlock the full game which will cost you $2.99 to do.

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