Day: 10 March 2015


[Update: Released] League of Angels – Fire Raiders gets a new interview video with the developers, limited open beta now live

The upcoming MMORPG we reported on back in the beginning of February 2015 now has a new video that is essentially a bit of an interview/introduction to the developers behind the game. Also happening right now is a location-specific open beta testing phase. This means that even though it is an open beta, you do have to live in the regions that are specified in order to participate in it.


New Shoot ’em up called Stars Wagon released on Android

Stars Wagon is the first game to be released by a small, indie game company called Amsgames. Stars Wagon is a scroll shooter where, according to the press release, players control “the forces of the enlightened beings of the aurora system” in their war against the Dark Ones who have managed to weaponize black holes, and use them to destroy entire civilization, leaving nothing behind.


Five Night’s At Freddy’s 3 Review: Scott Cawthon’s latest horror game is simultaneously his most ambitious and frustrating yet

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you probably haven’t heard of the mega hit Five Night’s At Freddy’s. Designed and created entirely by one man, this series explores the horrors of being a security guard in a Chuck’E’Cheese style restaurant while animatronic animals hunt you down. The first two games had similar gameplay mechanics that revolved around monitoring security camera’s while you waited for an impending jump scare. The third one is a different beast entirely.