Day: May 29, 2015

Game News

A quick guide for the new Shield game releases and for which devices they support

With the official launch of the Shield Android TV console, there has also been a few new games to be released alongside the console’s launch. However, not all of these new games are specifically for the Shield Console. Some of these titles are also for the Shield tablet, and there are even a few for all three Shield branded devices. Some of these games people have been waiting to play on their Shield Tablets and now that they are available, during the launch of the Shield Console, you might not be aware that you can play them on your tablet.

Game News

[GoogleIO 2015] Nvidia announces AndroidWorks suite of tools to help developers make better Android games and apps

Nvidia has made a second announcement at Google I/O 2015 and while yesterday’s was the official launch of the company’s new Shield Android TV console, today’s announcement is for a new suite of tools called AndroidWorks. These tools have been designed to help developers make better Android games and is an expansion of Nvidia’s current suite of tools for PC game developers called GameWorks.

Hardware News

Google I/O Day 2 Chan. 2 live stream is live. Coming up: Project Tango, designing for Virtual Reality and more

Google has three channels of live streams for Google I/O 2015. Each one has its own schedule for keynotes and sessions, all of which focus on different areas. All three channels went live at 9am PST and channel 2 is starting off with “Smarter user acquisition with App Indexing, AdWords and Google Analytics” and will then be followed-up with Project Tango, Designing for Virtual Reality and some other great sessions.

Hardware News

Google I/O 2015 Day 2 Chan.1 live stream has begun, starting with Google ATAP. Here’s the full schedule and you can watch it here.

It’s Friday and it is Day 2 of Google I/O 2015 and Google is streaming their keynotes and sessions live via YouTube like always. Of course if you happen to be here already, we have added the stream here for you to watch and the first keynote for Day 2 is the Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects team) keynote.

Game News

Square Enix has new IPs in the works and wants to bring multiple platforms together more

Square Enix released the transcript from their financial results briefing as well as their planning for the 2016 Fiscal Year and there were some interesting tidbits to be found in there. Square Enix has done well for themselves so far this year apparently across all platforms, those being PC, console and mobile. In fact, according to CEO Yosuke Matsuda, games for smart devices did quite well.