Day: 15 December 2016


Island Delta: Solving Puzzles with a Gravity Gun, coming soon from Noodlecake

Noodlecake is synonymous with great mobile games, and they’ve proven it yet again with developer Mantisbite’s gorgeous new retro-futuristic sci fi game Island Delta. Island Delta is an isometric action-adventure puzzle-solving game in which the two heroes, demolitions expert Baxter and tech specialist Zoe, must make their way through their nemesis, Dr. Gunderson’s, dangerous island on a rescue mission.


The Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost, a throwback to old-school dungeon crawling, is coming to Android

First-person dungeon crawlers are experiencing a revival of sorts lately. The role-playing game sub-genre, whose heyday occurred during the early years of computer gaming, has remained relatively dormant since the late 90’s. These past few years, however, a handful of dedicated developers have begun releasing well-received titles that have given life to the once near-dead genre, the most notable example being The Legend of Grimrock series. These titles are, for the most part, available only on PC, but little by little mobile is starting to see its share of the action through ports and even some original titles.


The Sandbox Evolution Update brings Lemmings-style gameplay tomorrow

Dear readers, I pose a question to you. What’s better than a fine game? A developer of a fine game that cares enough to keep it fresh! Sorry if I didn’t give you an opportunity to answer there, I’m excitable. Today We have a darling that we’ve reported on previously here, The Sandbox Evolution. Developers PIXOWL INC. have a release on deck that brings a new gameplay mode, Human Clones. Your poor humans are industrious and stupid, and only through your prescient intervention do they have a chance.