Island Delta: Solving Puzzles with a Gravity Gun, coming soon from Noodlecake

Noodlecake is synonymous with great mobile games, and they’ve proven it yet again with developer Mantisbite’s gorgeous new retro-futuristic sci fi game Island Delta. Island Delta is an isometric action-adventure puzzle-solving game in which the two heroes, demolitions expert Baxter and tech specialist Zoe, must make their way through their nemesis, Dr. Gunderson’s, dangerous island on a rescue mission.

Your only weapon on this mission is a powerful gravity gun giving you the ability to pick things up and hurl them away.  It will be the key to solving puzzles, defeating an army of robotic denizens, finding hidden goodies, and simply surviving the trap-laden island in general throughout the 30 levels of the game.

Island Delta will be arriving on Android in early 2017.

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