Day: June 1, 2015

Game News

[Update: Rumor Denied] Nintendo’s NX console rumored to be building its OS around Android

A new rumor is floating around the internet in which Nintendo will be using Android as the OS of choice for its next console, currently codenamed NX. This new console was recently announced around the same time that Nintendo finally decided to jump into the mobile gaming scene, securing a deal with DeNA to publish Nintendo franchises and new IPs. At that time though, details regarding the briefly mentioned Nintendo NX were scarce.

Game News

Arcanox: Cards vs Castle has received its first major update today, brings Guilds to the game

Back in March a pretty enjoyable new game called Arcanox: Cards vs Castles was released. Since then the developer has been hard at work making the first major update for Arcanox and today is the day this first update will be released. There have been previous updates but they were small ones, generally about bug fixes and improvements to the game. This one is all new features and content.