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[UPDATE: Game Released] Pixelbite Games Flips the Script: Tactical Adventure Space Marshals Coming to Android Soon

Pixelbite Games is no stranger to the game industry. Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, the game studio is most well known for their Reckless Racing Series, and the Repulze series, which is also a racing game, but set in the distant future. Pixelbite Games has now moved in a totally different direction. Their latest title coming to Android is Space Marshals. It is an impressive looking tactical adventure game that is set to arrive in April.

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[Update: Beta Started] Nexon Korea announces the worldwide release is coming soon for Mabinogi Duel on mobile, closed beta sign-ups are live

Nexon has a few games available on Android already but now their Korean office, which is in charge of their PC titles such as Mabinogi, Combat Arms, and Vindictus, has announced that they will be going globally for the first time with a new game called Mabinogi Duel which is obviously based off of their Mabinogi franchise. Along with this announcement also comes beta sign-ups going live.

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Double Eleven/Mode 7 Release Frozen Synapse Prime for Android Devices

Developer Double Eleven and indie game developers Mode 7, have returned to the scene with a follow-up to the immensely popular game Frozen Synapse. The newly available Frozen Synapse Prime, brings the same turn-based tactics that made Frozen Synapse a hit for PC users many years ago. Now Android gamers have an opportunity to jump right back into the action with Frozen Synapse Prime.

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The sequel to the tactical RPG The Banner Saga will be coming to mobile soon

The Banner Saga only hit Google Play in November and already we are hearing that the sequel to this game, appropriately named The Banner Saga 2, will also be making its way to mobile devices soon. Stoic Studios made the announcement today and while it was mainly focused on the PC and console version, hidden a bit inside is that the sequel will also be coming to mobile devices.

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Nexon M releases their second title this week called Legion of Heroes

Nexon M, otherwise known as Nexon Mobile, have released a second game this week called Legion of Heroes. We originally reported on this game coming to Android back in July of this year and since then Legion of Heroes has been under the final stages of development and testing until today. This is much different than their release yesterday of Base Busters, mainly because this game is an MMORPG.

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Heroes of Atlan Review: The Game of Thumbs

I mash my thumb into my phone’s screen for the umpteenth time, watching as the numbers next to my sword climb ever higher. I switch to my next hero, mashing my thumb once again into the glass, as the numbers next to my sorcerer’s boots jump up another 200. I jab my battle-worn thumb into the screen a few more times and find myself at the airship screen. My eyes glaze over with sheer joy as I watch the numbers next to my airship climb higher thanks to some hard earned upgrade components. Those too required many presses of my thumb. I pray my thumb will see my heroes to the level cap without breaking. This is the game for those with fortuitous thumbs. This is the game for those with little free time. This is Heroes of Atlan.