Day: October 23, 2014

Game News

Nexon M releases their second title this week called Legion of Heroes

Nexon M, otherwise known as Nexon Mobile, have released a second game this week called Legion of Heroes. We originally reported on this game coming to Android back in July of this year and since then Legion of Heroes has been under the final stages of development and testing until today. This is much different than their release yesterday of Base Busters, mainly because this game is an MMORPG.

Game News

[Updated] Forget About Brakes, You Don’t Need Them: PAKO is Coming to Android

Treemen Games has created what is absolutely, one of the most action-packed games, that is singularly focused and centered around driving. Forget about brakes, you don’t need them. PAKO is a Car Chase Simulator for Mobile Devices created by Treemen Games. The studio has three team members, and they are located in Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland.

Game News

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide will be Games Workshop’s idea of Chess with guns. Coming soon to mobile.

If you have been a PC gamer for a long period of time then you might remember way back in the day when Chess games started getting released for PC that featured animated pieces. These pieces would move and if there happen to be an opponents piece in their new spot, they would attack it. These attacks were fully animated as well. It looked pretty cool back then and we have had many iterations of the same idea since. Games Workshop will be bringing a similar concept to the Warhammer franchise soon.

Game News

[Updated] Republique is Coming This Week! Don’t Miss It!

This is a good week to be an Android gamer. There are some excellent games that should be hitting the Play Store. Sometimes gaming in the Android community means we have to wait for some titles after they have been released on iOS. That is the case with Camouflaj and Logan’s highly praised game Republique. What is so great about waiting this time? Republique’s game delivery system has been episodic. The first two episodes have already been released on iOS. The Android community will be able to pick up Episodes 1, 2 and 3, when Episode 3 is released Thursday, October 23rd. The game will be available in the Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Episode One has already been released in the Amazon App Store, but only for Kindle Fire devices. Republique has an intriguing story and an amazing heroine as the main protagonist.