Day: 10 April 2015


R2 Games releases EZ PZ RPG globally, an RPG that plays itself for the most part

R2Games is a publisher more known for the browser-based games they publish as well as the more risqué ads for their games that you see on a multitude of websites. However the company does have a couple of mobile games they have released and their newest one is a game called EZ PZ RPG. The tag line for this game is “The game that’s so easy to play… it doesn’t even need you!”. Makes you feel a little unneeded doesn’t it?


Square Enix makes Final Fantasy XIII is now available on Android in a rather unique way

This could be the start of something beautiful for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. It is no secret that square Enix has said that any games in the franchise, starting at Final Fantasy VII and anything newer, probably won’t see the light of day on a mobile device, at least not anytime soon. However it appears that Square Enix has come up with a bit of a unique method to bring mobile gamers the ability to play Final Fantasy XIII. Of course there are a few stipulations.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: HyperDevBox, Warhammer 40K, Neuroshima Hex and more

It’s Friday and that means it is time for another end-of-the-week round-up of Android games that are currently on sale over on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore. While this week’s list may not be as big as last week’s, mainly because that was a holiday weekend, there are still some good titles to snag at a discounted price. In fact HyperDevBox has their Agarest franchise on sale right now at around 40% off, which will save you roughly $15 if you buy both games.


[Updated] Postal has apparently been denied from Google Play due to ‘gratuitous violence’. Amazon eventually allows Postal’s release.

Google Play has many different nicknames for it, with one of the more popular ones being that it is the ‘Wild West’ of games and applications. This is mainly due to Google’s easy access for publishers who want to upload their games and apps onto Google Play. As long as you follow the TOS )Terms of Service), don’t break anything related to copyrights, and pay your one-time developer fee to open you account, you can pretty much publish whatever you want. Games that get denied by Apple usually make an appearance on Google Play.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Pixelbite Games Flips the Script: Tactical Adventure Space Marshals Coming to Android Soon

Pixelbite Games is no stranger to the game industry. Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, the game studio is most well known for their Reckless Racing Series, and the Repulze series, which is also a racing game, but set in the distant future. Pixelbite Games has now moved in a totally different direction. Their latest title coming to Android is Space Marshals. It is an impressive looking tactical adventure game that is set to arrive in April.


[UPDATED: Game Released] Finnish Indie Developer Umber Games is Bringing Cava Racing to Android

Out of Finland, comes a new racing game that is rendered in warm colorful tones, undulating tracks, and game play that moves at 60 FPS. If that sounds intriguing to you, Umber Games has just what you are looking for in Cava Racing. It was released earlier this year on iOS to strong reviews. Prior to debuting on Android some time in March, Umber Games is polishing it up, tweaking it and adding new elements.